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I chose a modern typeface and added a zigzag shape, inspired by a sound wave, as the nature of the project is a podcast. From there, I developed a color palette that conveyed an approachable tone. Finally, I defined an overall coherent visual language that was carried across their social media channels, website, and other marketing materials.

Capitais Urbanos is a podcast that explores the intersection of community, politics, and real estate. When they approached me to create their visual identity, I knew it was an exciting opportunity to bring their vision to life. I started by developing a contemporary logo for Capitais Urbanos podcast, reflecting its themes on community, politics, and real estate - all of which are relevant and pressing issues in Portugal.

Visual Identity

Capitais urbanos

August 2019

Art direction

Catarina Guerreiro


Catarina Guerreiro

Assistant Designer

Yuri Lopes Pereira

Creative Director

Carina Gonçalves

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