My new sellable sketch collection

I finished the Pattern Observer’s Sellable Sketch Course a couple of weeks ago and I loved it! I really recommend it if you are a surface print designer that wants to learn a well-thought-out process to create pattern design collections for a specific market and user in mind.

I choose to do a collection for swimwear and I imagined my customer to be a young female adult, middle class, food-blogger from Brazil, with a love for the beach and yoga.

After researching the SS 16/17 trends and Brazilian culture, I had my spark! You can see below snippets of this collection that I ended up calling Água de Coco, an homage to the famous coconut drink one can drink in Brazil beaches.

Agua de coco, swimwear, print collection, catarina guerreiro, sellable sketch, ss16

To see the full collection, please send an email requesting the password for my private portfolio.

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