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The project encompassed a wide range of printed and digital materials, such as a landing page, social media posts, email marketing, and an event centered on the theme. My responsibilities included overseeing the art direction, graphic design, and illustrations, ensuring that each element was consistent with the overall vision of the campaign.

The objective of the project was to develop an annual marketing campaign for a real estate agency located in Lisbon, with a theme centered on "the cities of the future."


I designed 12 digital collages using images of the city found online, which were based on 12 fundamental and relevant themes to the real estate market, including housing, environment, mobility, sports, community, architecture, governance, culture, investment, employment, and knowledge.

Art direction, design and illustration

Cidades do futuro

  Art Direction, illustration — 2019 / 2020

Art direction

Catarina Guerreiro

Design & Illustrations

Catarina Guerreiro

Joana Bernardo

Assistant Designer

Creative Director

Yuri Lopes Pereira

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