Catarina Guerreiro and the Ultimate Guide to Repeats

I’ve featured in the Pattern Observer blog this month regarding their wonderful ‘The Ultimate Guide to Repeats’ course.

You can read the article in here.

“my main goal was to create the best possible flow in my repeats, to create balanced and interesting layouts within the different techniques taught in the course.
I found the UGTR course fantastic – definitely a must do for everyone who wants to master technical repeats. It gave me the skills to develop repeats with ease, from simple set layouts, to more complex free flow designs. I learned how to effectively translate my artworks into solid, balanced and interesting repeats and how to prepare them for printing accurately.
Mastering repeats is fundamental for the success of your print – making sure the repeat is balanced and doesn’t have any spacing issues or unintentional directionality is very important.”

…and some of the patterns I developed during the course:

Catarina Guerreiro and the Communication Arts Design Annual 56
My new sellable sketch collection

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